Skill feature not working

When will the coach finally accept that I already mastered standups many, many years ago?:see_no_evil: does anyone have problems with the skills too?

I mastered already many of the skillsā€¦ e.g. i can do 12 strict pullups without a break, BUT in the coach settings the normal pullups and the chin ups stay unchecked. I even tried to log them manually. Nothingā€¦

You have to log several repetitions with feedback ā€œunbrokenā€.
I donā€™t know exactly the amount of repetitions per exercise. For Double Unders, it was 40 for me.

Ok, thanks for the feedback! I will log pullups several times over some days and hope it will work.

Would be nice to know, the exact amount per exercise and how many times/days the coach want to see them unbroken.