Unlocking skills without doing milestones

So I can do pistol squats, pullups, pushups, handstand pushups, dragon flags etc I have put to unlock those skills and I understand there’s a build up of milestones. However, is there a way to unlock the full skill in one go? Perhaps by doing doing single exercises to show the coach that I can do these exercises?

What do you mean with “unlock”?
And of course you can “also train” the coach by doing exercises or workouts. The more data the coach has (especially about your skills), the better your experience will be.

Hello Jyronne, it depends on the skill how many you have to do. If you search for them in the “single exercises” part and you do 15-20 of them in one go with perfect feedback the coach will mark them as achieved. Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

So if after training I would do say a few reps and sets of pullups the coach on skill progression would stop giving me negatives and start giving me actual pullups?

Not sure about this (because there is nothing wrong about improving even the simplest and basic movements) but the algorithm will give you workouts and intervals with pullups.