Suggestion to skip knee exercises

I had some knee pain and needed to adapt the training. When the app asked me which part I want to skip, there we lower leg and upper leg, but the knee was not offered as a choice. Since I didn’t have troubles using my upper or lower leg muscles, the choice was forced to be incorrect

Hi @petarpavlov ,

same problem here. I ususally exclude the upper leg. If there is still something in, I try it with lower leg or “different Session”. Good thing is, that you can play with these options until somethin usefull is given.


Hi Petar :wave:t2:

This function is not really designed to take account of any injury that you may have so it’s not possible to exclude joints etc. If you’re suffering from knee pain, we can only suggest that you stop training, and see a medical specialist. Please don’t try to continue training and make any potential problem worse.