Superset now missing?

Hi everybody, I realized today that the old “GYM” app is not supported anymore, so I updated and explored the new (for me) Freeletics app.
So I saw that weight training is now included in the actual app.
One question: in the old GYM app the training was focused on antagonist superset exercises.
Are superset now missing or periodized, so that they can be offered to me as my training progresses?

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Sadly it is. If you had the app on your phone, you still can use it.
I also liked the gods, hope these two features and rowing will come to the main app at some later stages.

Hi @maribo , supersets are indeed missing in the barbell journeys, but they are available in the dumbbell journey.
It would be great to see them again!
If you have an iPhone, you can download the GYM app again from your “purchased” app section in the Apple store