Using weights in bodyweight workouts?

I was wondering if anyone else adds in weights to the bodyweight exercises?

I know there are workouts you can individually choose which use dumbells or kettlebells, but since they’re not integrated as part of the coach journeys, I find it easier to add weights where it feels appropriate in the bodyweight exercises. I don’t do this with all exercises, but if I’m given a low rep exercise I will try to add in some weight - like in hip raises, squats, crunches. I don’t do this with anything with has high reps, or with anything that I can’t execute well. I know it might tweak the Coach a bit, but it seems worth it as I really want to be working with weights (it’s better for my goals, hypermobility responds well to weights training).

I was wondering if anyone else did this, and also if anyone has any tips on which exercises to add weights to, and how?

Hello! I do it very often when I feel I can handle it. Mostly on hip raises, squats, lunges and elevated split squats.


Those seem pretty similar to the ones I’ve been adding it too! I think it’s easier to add weights to the lower body stuff than the upper body stuff.

Hey Alexia,

I don’t use any additional weights in bodyweight exercises but I know a few people who do-particularly weighted vests.

I think in general it’s great to feel able to add this to your training, but there is a big factor to consider which is the consistency of use and how this use impacts the feedback that you give to the Coach.

So, yes, do feel free to use weights, I think some here do the same already (@Gokhan and @Mike do you two you use any weights when doing BW and have any tips here?) but I would just try to be consistent in their use. If you start, stop, start, stop using them it could cause a few problems with your Coach assignments.


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That makes sense! I’m trying to use them consistently on certain exercises, so hopefully that will work okay with the coach.

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Hey Cláudia :wave:t2:

Are you using dumbbells or something similar when using weights with squats and lunges? I might start doing that :thinking:

Hello Ben. I use a weight kit, not exactly dumbbells but they do the job.

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I really enjoy the Training Journey’s that do feature weights - I’m doing Barbell Gain at the moment. I have also tried the equipment focussed workouts, but substituting other weight kit for the named type. I think that Freeletics would benefit from a few more such journeys…and even better than that (IMO) would be a weighted option to be included into existing journeys.

Yeah, I would love to do the journeys with weights but don’t have access to a barbell and bench! I’m really looking forward to when they release some journeys for dumbbells or kettlebells, or integrate them into other workouts as you say.

Hey there :slight_smile: I’m not using any weights to adjust my workouts but a couple of other ambassadors use weight vests with 10kg or more but I’m not sure whether they only use it for specific exercises