Weighted vest with freeletics

Hi. I would like to do weighted calisthenics alongside Freeletics. Is there a feature in the app where i can notify that i did x amount of chinups with x kg ?
If not this would be a cool feature to add. Weighted pullups/chinups, weighted pushups, pike pushups/HSPU and weighted pistol squat and lunges are awesome for building strength and muscle

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Hey Aruden :wave:t2:

Regarding the :point_up:t2: above this is not a feature in the app, and to be honest it’s not something that is currently on the roadmap.

However, there is nothing to stop you from using a weighted vest-this is something that a number of Athletes already do. There was a discussion on this a few months ago-I’ll quickly look for the post and share below :point_down:t2:


Here we go, it’s a general discussion about using weights in bodyweight exercises, but the same principles apply for using a weighted vest :point_down:t2:


Thank you for the link. I will read that. It’s too bad this is not something that will be featured in the future, because if you want to gain strength, once you can do 10 reps there is no point in going over that rep count for strength. There is a feature for kettlebells, jump rope etc…it would be great to have workouts with weighted vest.
I will try to make up for it by using it on certain exercises but it will mess with the coaches feedback.

I’m not sure why you would think this :point_up:t2: Hypertrophy (building muscles) is a training adaptation that spans over a very large repetition range ca. 2-40.

It will definitely interfere with the feedback if you are not consistent in it’s use :+1:t2: However, if you are aiming to use such a vest every time you do pull-ups then it isn’t going to cause a problem here.