Weighted exercises in the single exercise section in explore

Dear all!

We are happy to announce that we have added a total of a 100 new weighted exercises to the explore section in the app. Those exercises (unlocked only for YesCoach users) are tagged with the NEW label in the single exercise section.

Please note: the exercises farmer walks and overhead lunges are exceptions, which are still missing as exercises in the free section. #cominghopefullysoon

Spread the good news and enjoy training :sweat_drops: :weight_lifting_woman: :weight_lifting_man:


Great news. Will spread it everywhere :heart_eyes:


Very nice!

I like the fact that you can track what weight you used. Will this also be possible for the weighted exercises in the workouts suggested by Coach?

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Super nice addition!! Loveee it!!

Do you know if you are planning to include the option to select how many series you want to do? For example: 8 series of 8 repetitions with 50kg.

With that the flexibility is even more!! #ClapClap to the team!


Hi, what is a YesCoach user please?


in the past few months we were adding a lot of new features related to weights and we try to keep working on more features, but for now we can not say if or when this new feature you’re asking for would be available. But of course we hear and forward your feedback! Thanks for that!


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Sorry for that internal terminology. A YesCoach User is a user who has an active coach subscription. A NoCoach user is using the free parts of the App and has no active coach subscription. Hope, that helps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


As @Charly was mentioning before, we are constantly evolving and adding new features, so all your ideas, like this one you shared, are very useful for us. We still don’t have this option, but we will investigate further on it :wink:

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Thanks Charly