Where's my Star?

Next bug: I just finished Amazona in 13:00, but it got logged with 10:14 :rage:

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Same here, not good for the hellweek I’m in now…:rage:

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I have been having the same problems - quite frustrating….

The star issue should have been fixed with the 22.32.1.
If you have this version and still have the bug for new exercises completed, let us know.

For me the star issue is fixed. It’s the 00:00 time issue that keeps bugging us now (see last few posts and screen shots).

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Have the same problem with all additional exercises. AND for the last round of my God workout, It always shows 00:00.

This one is also going to be fixed soon as it’s currently prio nr1.
We’ll post it here once the fix is deployed and available.
We’re truly sorry about all this trouble :pensive: