Which Journey should i do for become better in Cooper run test

Hello athletes!

I’ve been with Freeletics since December and i am keeping myself fit for certain run reductions in my training.

I’m 24y male, 190cm/92.5kg

Now it’s like that I want to get better in the area of ​​Coopertest like better reach.

In my last decrease I had about 2850m in 12min.

I was extremely tormented for this.

Now I want to get the 3000m in 12min.

I’m doing the strong legs and sprints journey for the second time in a row, I had a few successes with it at the beginning, but unfortunately these have stagnated for a long time.

Which running journey would you recommend for the Coopertest?

Hey Seyf :wave:t2:

The journey that probably best suits your goal here is going to be either “Leg Strength & Sprints” or “HIIT & Run Weight Loss”.

You are very close to your goal here, so keep training hard :+1:t2: Also, when attempting something like this, it’s really important to pay attention to your pre-race preparation including your sleep and nutrition.

Also, there’s a reason why caffeine was prohibited in professional competition for a while :wink: