Why no deadlifts/RDLs?

I’m trying to focus on my glutes because I can be quite quad-dominant when doing lower body workouts, and I’d quite like to integrate RDLs - but I’m surprised that they’re not already there! And looking in the single exercises library it seems like there are deadlifts for kettlebells, and barbells, but not dumbbells - why is this? I know the single-leg deadlifts do exist, but it really seems like it’s missing a pretty important movement to be missing out RDLs/two-leg deadlifts.

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Hey Alexia :wave:t2:

Yeah, whilst we do have RDLs with Barbells, they aren’t in the app (at the moment) with DBs. For any Journey, we have a pool of exercises, and these just didn’t get included in the current Journey.

There are exercises in this Journey that focus on the glutes, the dumbbell hip raises are really great exercises for this-that is direct glute work when doing these. A good tip is also to really try to focus on properly activating and feeling the glutes contraction during any of the squat type exercises.

Another option you could consider, is to simply adapt the exercise that you do when assigned Dumbbell single deadlifts so that you do Dumbbell RDLs instead. If you do this consistently then you won’t have a problem here, though if you decide to go back to single deadlifts you may need to adjust the weights in the intra-training feedback.


Fair enough. I would love to see them added at some point, I think the dumbbell journey is great but a little quad dominant in the lower-body work! I may just add in RDLs in as a separate interval for the moment, I don’t want to lose my single-leg deadlifts, I just want to have more glute focussed options.

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