Workout duration doesn’t match training journey

I‘ve just restarted the Natural Tone journey after a break when I was sick.

The info for the journey says the workouts are 30 to 60 minutes long but I have repeatedly been given workouts in the 20 to 25 minute range.

I’m finding it quite frustrating as I have to change the difficulty to way harder to get a good workout, which I shouldn’t have to do since the workouts are supposed to be longer and therefore more intense.

Please do not confuse short sessions and little intense sessions :slight_smile:
A Triple Metis with warmup and cooldown is done in around 20 minutes and feels like absolutely hell.

What feedback are you giving for a normal (not quick adapted) training day? And how long are you a freeathlete?
Giving the right feedback is essentially and having more data about you (more data = more training sessions), the more exactly the algorithm will assign a training session for you.
And you can “train” the algorithm by choosing some god workouts you are able to do (like a Poseidon, eg) but the coach didn’t assign to you). Or instead of a God an exercise. This will taken to account by the algorithm.

Thanks for your response.

I get that duration is not the same as intensity. But the journey I chose is supposed to have longer workouts of 30 to 60 minutes. So I don’t understand why multiple workouts fall well below that.

The intensity is also quite low. And I get that I can add to that by doing an extra workout but my understanding of the app was that I could follow the journey I chose and get a good workout. So far that hasn’t been the case.

I know there are different levels of programs overall - endurance, standard, and the more intense one. I am wondering if mine got set back because before I was sick, the workouts were consistently longer and harder.

How long was your break because of sickness? In fact, there is a “downgrading” of intensity after … I don’t know…ten days?

It was longer than 10 days, I’m sure. So that must be it. Thanks for the explanation.

I’m assuming the only way I can get the level back up is to keep giving feedback and adding extra workouts.