Wrong mass calculation

Hello everyone,
I’m on the “hybrid bodybuilding” course. In the 2nd part of the program out of 3.
3rd = contrast.
Last week I did bench press 6x80kg. For the feedback I put OK + correct technique.

For the following week’s bench press, the coach changed the reps and the weight by setting 8x42.5kg!
How could there be such a big drop?
A bug in the app? This is the second time the algo has done this.

Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this PB?

It sounds frustrating to experience such a significant drop in weight for your bench press. While it’s possible that there could be a bug in the app or a mistake in the programming, there are a few other factors that could explain the change:

  1. Periodization: The change in weight and reps could be part of a periodized training program, where the intensity and volume are varied to optimize performance and prevent overtraining.
  2. Deload Week: Sometimes, coaches incorporate deload weeks into a training program, where the weight and volume are reduced to allow for recovery and prevent fatigue.
  3. Focus on Technique: The lower weight and higher reps could be a way for your coach to focus on improving your technique and form before increasing the weight again.
  4. Injury Prevention: Lowering the weight and increasing the reps can help reduce the risk of injury, especially if you’ve been training at high intensities for a while.

It might be a good idea to discuss your concerns with your coach to get a better understanding of the reasoning behind the change. They should be able to provide you with more information and adjust your program if necessary.

This is a long-standing bug where if you log a weight lower than the suggested weight in the warmup, it halves the weight for that exercise in the next session. This is very frustrating.
The workaround is to not log a lower weight than the suggested weight in the warmup.