Pull Overs - does the indicated weight includes the barbell’s one?

22.5kg (20kg bar + 2.5 kg) seems quite tough for a serie of 6 pull overs warmup…or is it 2.5kg ?

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The weight indicated here does include the total weight. Depending on the weights for the working sets this would be expected, for example, 35kg weights for the working set.

What you can do here if this is too heavy to start is to add a further initial warm-up set of 10-15kg.

Also, if the weight in the working set is too high, you can manually adjust the weight for the entire workout before starting it.

Hope that’s clear, let me know if not! :clapclapstatic:


That was the first time I tried. I have given the Coach the feedback that it was too heavy and indicated fewer reps than expected + not able to maintain the technique. I assume that it the weights will be automatically lowered for the next generated workouts?

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If you have just started out on your Training it may take a couple of sessions for the Coach to get a good understanding of where you are fitness/strength wise. Keep giving the best feedback you can to help the Coach get to this point. You can also always edit the weights in your working sets before your training-the Coach will also take this in to account.

Good luck with your training :clapclapstatic: