Update to the app training flow (A/B test Android only)

To be fair, dont really care about the view either, my point is that the old version worked so much better for me where I can always see the session overview on one screen and just click on whatever exercise I wanted to do, in whatever order works for me

Where you say “After a short time you don’t need them anymore and in old version you also had to tap into the workout to see them”, If anything you are making the same point I am, which is- Why change it when there is no benefit but it does introduce plenty of annoyances!

And actually, having said that, in some ways the new view is worse because it is all expanded by default and doesn’t fit on one screen if it is a complicated interval/god or a lot of individual exercises.
@Ben started the discussion with “It also tracks throughout the session so you can kind of see “where you are”, rather than it feeling a bit disjointed, so it should feel like a single Coach session, and it is a lot easier to navigate through” but for me it is actually the opposite, much less seamless and not easy to navigate through once you are in the session if it is a day with multiple components. As soon as you start you are locked to the view of only being able to see the next component, you have to go back to main view to see what the rest of the day involved, then back in to the session

As I keep saying, its all workable and the functionality is there, its just less easy to use than it was so why change it!


In my opnion this update does not improve the usage but only created unnecesary blockers.

At least now we can play videos before starting the workout.

Now I miss the option to start a workout after tapping on the workout name, the only option is to postpone the previous workouts, this is very bad.

I’m missing the time it took me to complete. I can see the average/expected but not MY time once I’ve completed it.

For me that was important as it is a way of measuring my performance.

I would love to be able to see again my time in the screen when the workout/intervale is ended.

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Hi Paz :wave:t2:

I don’t think we have ever shown the time for individual intervals, but if you want to see the overall time trained in the session, you can see this on the Coach summary card for that session which will be shown for you in “Posts” on your Profile tab in the app.


I’m 1000% sure we used to have it. ( I’ve checked my screenshots folder in case I had one of it but I was not lucky :-/ )

Before you start your intervales you had the average/expected time it was going to take you.

Then, after you completed it, you had the time it took you to get it done.

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The time was the time to do the whole session, not each individual interval in a session. Time isn’t so important for intervals, what is important is the repetition count and the technique.

Also intervals assigned by the Coach are always changing, so measuring the time doesn’t really help to measure performance. This is where Gods come in. You know when you do an Aphrodite, for example, that you are doing the same amount of work that you did last time, so the time is measured and is shown.


Absolutely correct. The time I needed for an interval was shown on coach screen after finishing the interval but before closing the coach day.

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I am now thinking I am talking about something completely different.

If we are talking about the Recap screen, the time trained for each part of the session is still shown :point_down:t2: This screen hasn’t changed :thinking:


In the past, I could see it before the recap screen. There was a step in-between intervals (just when you finished it) that you could see it).

Why is this important to me? I’m able to remember the average/expected time to get it done for each interval when I finish it. I mean, let’s say I’m doing an interval that is supposed to take 10-13 mins. I finish it and I can see I completed it in 11 mins. I’m able to remember the expected time and I can evaluate if I’m doing it on average and so on… However, checking in the recap screen, I can’t remember how the time ranges for each interval in order to compare with my own times…

Not sure If I’m able to explain my ideas clearly :sweat_smile: and the importance of that for app development/improvement. Just sharing something I found valuable and I’m not able to see anymore.

The buttons are definitely an improvement.

There is a lot of info right at the get-go as everybody mentioned, but I get how a scroll interaction to explore your workouts can be seen as more accessible than a tap-to-open-and-come-back flow. But why not make all the workouts accordions like the warmup and cool down?

And since scrolling is the primary interaction now, I keep swiping accidentally to the right or left to other days literally every time I try to explore the day’s workout. Maybe the navigation between days can be changed to tap on the date with the whole date panel on the bottom of the screen for better reachability?

I found it disappointing that it is not possible to do the daily coach assignment in the order of my choice : for example I often prefer to do my skills after my intervals. Also, you cannot skip a part of the workout (training directly after coming back from work by bike or running, I sometimes shorten the warmup if I lack time).

But it is possible to skip or move parts of the workout. There is a “Three Dot Menu” in right upper corner providing these options when coach flows through the steps.

I really liked this new UI.

  • Simpler flow as fewer clicks are needed to get to the next section
  • Get an overview of what exercises are included in the day’s session

I changed my phone last week, and miss this new UI very much as it seems my new phone is not included in the AB test.

@maclir Did you change the OS from Android to iOS? It should depend on your profile not phone if you are in testing group or not - as long as you are still using an Android phone (as far as I know, this testing phase wasn’t rolled out to iOS).

I didn’t switch OS. I moved from Android to Android. Strange…

I cleared data and cache ofthe app, relogged in and got the new UI. Thanks!