What weight should I use for my Kettlebell, Dumbbell and Plate exercises?

The Coach won’t assign a weight for any of these exercises in a Bodyweight session. There is a rough guideline we can give here for each single weight, although there are lots of other very individual factors involved.

For Kettlebells

Male Female
Beginner 12kg 8kg
Intermediate 16kg 12kg
Advanced 24kg 16kg

For Dumbbells

Male Female
Beginner 7-12kg 2.5-7kg
Intermediate 12-17kg 7-12kg
Advanced 17-22kg 12-17kg

For Plates

Male Female
Beginner 10kg 5kg
Intermediate 15kg 10kg
Advanced 20kg 15kg

As a further guide, if you are doing a workout and with the weight you are using, you can only do 2-4 reps each time and then need a short break, the weight you are using is too heavy. If you can do all the whole workout very easily unbroken, the weight might be too light, and you could consider using a heavier weight. The ideal weight would enable you to complete the whole workout, only reaching the point of failure at the very end.